Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pre-Season Polls Don't Mean Alot

College Football Pre-Season polls are all the rage and most of the time they are wrong and this year is no exception. USC was rated as the best team in the country only to find out that they aren't Florida was rated very high and they have lost three games and out of the National Championship picture.

Teams like South Florida and Kansas wasn't even given much press but both are playing extremely well and probably in line for a BCS game. This just proves that the preseason college football polls are just that a educated guess.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

College Football Scores

6 W Virginia 31
25 Rutgers 3

Miss St 31
14 Kentucky 14

Iowa St 28
13 Missouri 42

9 USC 17
5 Oregon 24

Nebraska 25
17 Texas 28

Minnesota 10
19 Michigan 34

9 Florida 30
20 Georgia 42

11 S Florida 15
Connecticut 22

21 Virginia 17
N.C. St 23

Mississippi 3
23 Auburn 7

12 Kansas 0
Texas A&M 0

15 S Carolina

1 Ohio St
24 Penn St

18 California
7 Arizona St

New Mex St
16 Hawaii

College Football Schedule

This weekend their maybe a few upsets as some good games dot the College football schedule. Ohio State vs Penn State. Penn State gave Ohio State their last loss in Big Ten play. Than West Virginia and Rutgers should be another great game. The best game though could be California and Arizona State. Dennis Erickson has Arizona State playing well so we will see what happens.

6 W Virginia
25 Rutgers

Miss St
14 Kentucky

Iowa St
13 Missouri

5 Oregon

17 Texas

19 Michigan

9 Florida
20 Georgia

11 S Florida

21 Virginia
N.C. St

23 Auburn

12 Kansas
Texas A&M

15 S Carolina

1 Ohio St
24 Penn St

18 California
7 Arizona St

New Mex St
16 Hawaii

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trent Edwards To Start Over J.P. Losman

Trent Edwards who has won two of his last three starts is now the official starter according to Bills Coach Dick Jauron. Edwards replaced Losman who has been injured and done enough apparently to win the job. It comes down to wins and Edwards is playing real well right now and as long as it's working why change.

Should Losman lose his job over an injury is really the big question here. In this situation the backup has got the the team rolling so it's hard to put Losman back in. You don't want to break up what is working right now. Look for Edwards to remain starter unless he falters than Losman will return.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Peyton Manning And Colts Make Statement

The Indianapolis Colts made a statement to the NFL that they are not ready to give up the NFL Championship just yet. Everyone thought the Jacksonville Jaguars would give the Colts a tussle instead the Colts dominated them 29-7. The Jacksonville Jaguars are a very good team and the Colts made them look as if they had never seen anything like the Colts.

Maybe the Colts are getting tired of listening to everyone talking about the New England patriots. In a way though the Colts maybe like being under the radar until the time is right. I guess we will see who is the best soon as they play each other.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

San Diego Gets Chris Chambers From Miami

The San Diego Chargers put Eric Parker on the disabled list and promptly traded for wide out Chris Chambers from the Miami Dolphins. Chambers gives Phillip Rivers another target to add to that high powered Chargers offense. They only had to give up a second round pick and Chambers should be able to help them right away.

Chambers really wasn't happy in Miami and getting a regular chance to be a vital part of an organization is just what the doctor ordered for Chambers. I've always liked Chambers and when he comes to play he is a very good wide receiver. It's just getting him to show up to play every week.

Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams, Season Over?

The Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams are two franchises that look like they have no clue whatsoever to how to get untracked. The Dolphins was once a very proud franchise that has fell apart ever since Nick Saban left. They were going down hill but the slide just got there quicker without him.

Then you have the St. Louis Rams who didn't want to bring Mike Martz back as head coach. Well, the experiment they have used isn't exactly bringing rave reviews. What's Mike Martz doing now? Offensive coordinator with the Detroit Lions who have won some games. This is something the Rams haven tasted yet this year. I guess this year is a wash for both teams. Oh well we'll get em next year.

Tom Osborne Returns To Nebraska

Tom Osborne the man who led the Nebraska Cornhuskers to National Championships has returned to be Atheltic Director until they find someone for the job. Osborne commands instant respect from everyone at Nebraska and he will take the steps that need to be taken to get the ship going in the right direction.

What does this mean for Bill Callahan? That's a very good question and only time will tell which direction Osborne may tell the higher ups to go. I think Osborne will take the wait and see approach before any real changes our made on the sidelines right now.