Friday, May 21, 2010

After The Draft Thoughts:Philadelphia Eagles Are They Better Without Donovan McNabb

In this installment of After The Draft Thoughts we are going to take a look at the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles shipped Donovan McNabb to Washington and now Kevin Kolb is the starter. First, we will at their draft picks.

1 13 (13) Brandon Graham DE 6-2 263 Michigan
2 5 (37) Nate Allen S 6-2 206 South Florida
3 22 (86) Daniel Te'o-Nesheim DE 6-4 263 Washington
4 7 (105) Trevard Lindley CB 6-0 179 Kentucky
4 23 (121) Keenan Clayton LB 6-2 220 Oklahoma
4 24 (122) Mike Kafka QB 6-3 220 Northwestern
4 27 (125) Clay Harbor TE 6-3 245 Missouri State
5 3 (134) Ricky Sapp OLB 6-4 240 Clemson
5 28 (159) Riley Cooper WR 6-3 215 Florida
6 31 (200) Charles Scott RB 6-0 234 LSU
7 13 (220) Jamar Chaney LB 6-1 245 Mississippi St.
7 36 (243) Jeff Owens DT 6-3 300 Georgia
7 37 (244) Kurt Coleman S 5-11 195 Ohio St.

With 13 picks in the NFL Draft the Eagles were very busy. Brandon Graham was the Eagles first choice out of Michigan. This defensive end is a prime time player and a very good choice on the Eagles part. Nate Allen safety out of South Florida is another guy that should do well with the Eagles. Out of the 13 picks 8 was on the defensive side of the ball. My biggest worry about the Eagles is trading Donovan McNabb away. I just do not see Kevin Kolb being the answer. We will find out as the Eagles have him as the guy this year. If Kolb does well so will the Eagles. If not they will struggle.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The World According To Roy Williams

Roy Williams is in his own little world, but with his latest comments now I know he is not from the same planet. First his comments about being "The Man" in Dallas was funny enough, but he has ripped off another great line. Maybe instead of playing football he should have his own comedy act. His latest line is him and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo are like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Rice and Montana and Romo and Williams. I just do not see the comparisons Roy Williams.

Since Roy Williams has come to Dallas he has only 57 catches in 25 games with the Cowboys. Hmmm excuse me Mr. Williams, but those are not Hall Of Fame numbers. Roy Williams is comical at best and I guess he must like to hear himself talk. I think Roy Williams would be better served to worry about keeping his job. In the World According to Roy Williams he has nothing to worry about as he is like Jerry Rice. Well at least Williams has a sense of humor. He will need it as he watches from the bench this year.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Donovan McNabb Owes DeSean Jackson Nothing

First it was Terrell Owens now it is DeSean Jackson who is taking shots at Donovan McNabb. Jackson said he does not think the Eagles lost anything by trading McNabb and they would be better without McNabb in Philadelphia. What is it about Donovan McNabb that brings out the worse in former teammates. McNabb who is in Washington now really just dismissed the comments which really was the right thing to do. Sean Jackson struggled in the playoffs last season and many people pointed at Donovan McNabb as the problem. With McNabb gone Jackson should now have no excuses for failure.

DeSean Jackson would have been better served to just be quiet and play football. Players should just let their playing doing the talking instead of running their mouth. It will be interesting to see Washington vs Philadelphia this year. Those two games now have become more personal between these two teams and even some of the players it seems.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What New York Giants team Will Show Up This Year?

On the clock today is the New York Giants or G-Men as many people like to call them. The Giants last year had a horrible season with some horrible loses and looked like no team that recently had won a Super Bowl. The Giants will need to address some issues they had last year if they hope to contend for a title once again. An 8-8 record just will not cut it with New York Giant fans anymore.

On offense the Giants look very good. They have Eli Manning leading a group of running backs and wide receivers that can score points with the best of them. As far as the draft goes I would not worry about the offensive side unless a good linemen becomes available. I would not draft one those until the later rounds.

Defense was the problem for the New York Giants last year as they gave up over 400 points. When you hit that 400 point threshold you do have some serious problems. If you look at there defense they are in the middle of the pack when it comes to stopping other teams. Those numbers are not bad, but they need to be improved on. Adding some defensive players through the draft will not hurt this team one bit.

For Giant fans the problems with the Giants maybe attitude more then talent. Many games it seems they just did not show up to play. Maybe a coaching change is needed. Whatever the problem is they need to fix it this coming season or wholesale changes could be coming for the Giants.

Cincinnati Bengals Outpost For Second Chances

It seems the Cincinnati Bengals are getting a reputation for giving NFL players second chances. Tank Johnson and Larry Johnson has been given second chances by the organization and so far so good. People make mistakes and the Bengals have been more than willing to give players another chance to prove themselves to the NFL and them. The latest guy that the Bengals have given a chance to is Pacman Jones. Jones has been in and out of trouble, but is ready to resume his career. Very few teams would give Jones a chance, but the Bengals have signed him to a contract. If Jones can keep his mind on the game and perform at a high level it could be a great pick-up for the Bengals.

The name JaMarcus Russell has also been mentioned as well around the Bengals. Russell who is looking for a job might be a good fit in Cincinnati. Russell needs to be around guys who can show him the ropes and get him motivated again to be the player he can be. Maybe the Bengals can do just that. You never know maybe a change of scenery is all JaMarcus Russell needs. Either way the Cincinnati Bengals seems to be the outpost for second chances.

On Campus: 2010 Penn State Nittany Lions Preview

In this installment of On Campus we will take a look at the 2010 Penn State Nittany Lions and what the season holds for them. Last season Penn State went to another Bowl Game and beat LSU in a very close game. First let's check out their schedule and how the team looks.

Sep. 4 Youngstown State
Sep. 11 at Alabama
Sep. 18 Kent State
Sep. 25 Temple
Oct. 2 at Iowa
Oct. 9 Illinois
Oct. 23 at Minnesota
Oct. 30 Michigan
Nov. 6 Northwestern
Nov. 13 at Ohio State
Nov. 20 vs. Indiana @Landover, MD
Nov. 27 Michigan State

The schedule is interesting this year for Penn State. They have a tough early game at Alabama on Sept 11th. Road games also at Iowa and Ohio State may prove to be tough as well. Besides the Alabama game and a few tough road games not too bad at all.

Penn State will be breaking in a new quarterback as Daryll Clark will be a key loss for the Nittany Lions. They should be fine though as Joe Paterno will just plug another quarterback in. Clark will be missed though. The offensive line and running backs look to be good this year for Penn State as well. On defense the Nittany Lions will be led by Navorro Bowman a frontrunner for the Butkus Award and the defensive line has three players with solid starting experience. Penn State always plays great defense, but the key this year will be how well the starting quarterback handles his duties and runs the offense. Losing a veteran like Clark will take some time to adjust too. The Lions are a Top 10 team this year if they can stay healthy and get some breaks along the way.

After The Draft Thoughts: Miami Dolphins Have They Done Enough?

In this installment of After The Draft Thoughts we will take a look at the Miami Dolphins and see if they have done enough to get back into the playoffs. One of the biggest problems the Dolphins had was not a go to guy on offense and they have solved that problem. The Dolphins traded Ted Ginn Jr away and also traded for Brandon Marshall. Now they have a go to wide receiver that is very talented and will make plays for them. This was something they were lacking last year. Let's take a look at their draft picks as well.

1 28 (28) Jared Odrick DT 6-5 296 Penn St.
2 8 (40) Koa Misi OLB 6-3 263 Utah
3 9 (73) John Jerry OL 6-5 350 Mississippi
4 21 (119) A.J. Edds LB 6-4 244 Iowa
5 14 (145) Nolan Carroll DB 6-1 202 Maryland
5 32 (163) Reshad Jones S 6-2 215 Georgia
7 5 (212) Chris McCoy DL 6-4 252 Middle Tennessee St.
7 45 (252) Austin Spitler LB 6-3 234

The Dolphins went mostly defense and got some very good players. Jared Odrick out of Penn State has a real good shot of starting and making an impact as a rookie. Koa Misi out of Utah an outside linebacker can also make an impact. Reshad Jones and Nolan Carroll can also make an impact maybe not right away though. Do not discount Iowa's A.J. Edds either as a possible player in the future. The Dolphins drafted well and got some key players that will help them. Trading for Brandon Marshall though was the key and he will make an instant impact.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Tony Romo The Man To Lead Dallas To A Super Bowl?

In Dallas nothing but a Super Bowl will do for their fans and Tony Romo has been anointed as the guy to lead them there. The real question though is he the one to do it. Romo has his detractors and just as many people think he is the guy to get the job done. One of the factors that determines if any quarterback can get his team to a Super Bowl is the players he has around him and his overall team as well. When you have a great defense a quarterback has the luxury if he does make a mistake he understands most of the time the defense will bale him out. An example of that was when Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl they had one of the best defenses and an average offense. The defense bale out the quarterback many times during that run. Another big factor is the players around Tony Romo as well. At running back the Cowboys has a good pair in Marion Barber and Felix Jones. The problem is at wide receiver. Miles Austin had a breakout year, but others really did not do much. Roy Williams has been a bust so far and the only other option Tony Romo really has Jason Witten. The Cowboys need to get Romo another receiver he can count on.

Tony Romo also has some shortcomings that he needs to work on as well. Romo's biggest problem is locking on one guy and going in that direction. When you do this the defense picks up on this and it makes it much tougher. Now another area that Romo needs to improve is protecting the ball. It seems when he is in the pocket he holds the ball out where it can be knocked out. Ball security is something that he needs to work on. Another area many people do not look at either is the offensive plays that are called. Many times Jason Garrett gets away from what is best for Tony Romo. When Marion barber is running well it seems Garrett goes away from that and that actually hurts Romo.

Can Tony Romo lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl? The answer is yes, but he cannot do it alone he needs everyone around him on offense and defense to help out. One of the things people should also remember that Romo is young and he is learning to play the position of quarterback in the NFL. He is no Peyton Manning and cannot do the things Manning does. If Romo plays within himself and the Cowboys get the proper players in place there is no reason why Tony Romo cannot lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow Money Generating Machine For NFL!

We might not know if Tim Tebow is going to make it as an NFL quarterback, but the one thing we do know is he is an hot commodity. Tebow's jersey was No.1 in sales for the month of April. The Broncos as a team was rated 10th in March, but soar to No.1 in sales thanks to Tim Tebow's No.15 jersey sales. April's No.2 seller is Donovan McNabb's new Washington Redskins jersey. Sam Bradford and Ndamukong Suh both cracked the top 10 in April.

Tim Tebow may never play a down in a regular season game, but you cannot doubt the following that he has. The Denver Broncos and the NFL are making the most out of it and you cannot blame them. I am sure they probably already knew what drawing power he had before he entered the NFL. Like Tebow or not you cannot argue the drawing power this young man seems to have across the nation.

Brian Westbrook Visited Washington, Denver Next

Brian Westbrook the former Philadelphia Eagle has visited the Washington Redskins and now is headed for Denver as well. Westbrook is a player who has a recent rash of concussions and I will be very surprised if anyone signs him. He is a talented player, but what team wants to take a chance of him getting hurt again.

Westbrook can probably help a lot of teams, but his health is the main reason he is still unemployed. I am sure someone will give him a chance, but I hope he can stay healthy. I would hate to see him have more concussions and hurt him as far as life after football. Maybe it's time that Westbrook think about his health and not take any more chances. In the end though it is something he must decide.

Playing Madden Online Could Cost You More

If you love playing video games especially EA Sports games you will want to pay attention to the companies new plan. Starting with the June 8th release of Tiger Woods 11, all future EA Sports games for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will include a one-time, game-specific Online Pass code, which grants access to online services, features and bonus content. There is a catch though which should not come as a shock to gamers.

While the code comes free with new copies of any EA Sports game, it can only be used once. Buy the game used or even just rent it through a service like GameFly and you'll be unable to play it online beyond a free seven-day trial period, unless you cough up $10 for an additional Online Pass. This according to the company is to provide more services for the user. The bottom line is with the economy struggling the company is using the online model to make money. Everyone does it and sports games have many users so it's a natural progression for them.

Is JaMarcus Russell Done In The NFL?

JaMarcus Russell cleared waivers which should not come as much of a surprise. No one was going to grab him for the amount of money he would have been owed. If he is signed by someone it will be for the least possible money. Where could Russell land and will he be given another shot? There are a few places that I could see JaMarcus Russell landing. One of the first places would be the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have Peyton Manning and he is going to play a few more years, but signing and working with Russell maybe something they might try.

Another possible destination maybe the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick. Now it seems like a long shot, but we are talking about Bill Belichick here. He likes to prove people wrong and you never know he maybe able to get something out of Russell that others have not been able too. In the end JaMarcus Russell needs to go to a team with an established quarterback and coach that can work with Russell. JaMarcus Russell needs guidance right now and maybe in the right system he can turn his career around. If not he can always try Arena League Football it worked out well for Kurt Warner. Either way it will be interesting to see who does give Russell a chance because I'm betting someone will.

With Limas Sweed Done For The Year How About T.O.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers trading Santonio Holmes and now losing Limas Sweed for the season should the Steelers consider Terrell Owens. Right now the Steelers are a little thin at wide receiver and could use some help. With Big Ben out for at least four weeks the Steelers should at least think about talking to Terrell Owens. Yes, he has a checkered past, but in reality he was pretty good in Buffalo. Hines Ward is the only guy really the Steelers will be able to count on every week. Randle El is an option, but I think Terrell Owens would be a better choice.

The problem the Steelers face is they will be without Big Ben for a number of weeks. They cannot afford to lose that many games to start the season. Even though the schedule is easy they need to win these games. Terrell Owens can help win those games. Pairing him with Hines Ward would give the Steelers a great combination that would help the Steelers quarterback whoever it maybe. It's worth at least thinking about.

After The Draft Thoughts: Indianapolis Colts Do They Have Another Super Bowl Run?

In this installment of After The Draft Thoughts we will look at the Indianapolis Colts and what they did in the NFL draft and how they are looking for next year. Let's first take a look at who they drafted.

1 31 (31) Jerry Hughes DE 6-3 257 TCU
2 31 (63) Pat Angerer LB 6-1 235 Iowa
3 30 (94) Kevin Thomas CB 6-1 185 USC
4 31 (129) Jacques McClendonG 6-3 324 Tennessee
5 31 (162) Brody Eldridge TE 6-5 265 Oklahoma
7 31 (238) Ricardo Mathews DL 6-3 294 Cincinnati
7 33 (240) Kavell Conner LB 6-1 225 Clemson
7 39 (246) Ray Fisher CB 5-9 185

The Indianapolis Colts took Jerry Hughes from TCU. Hughes is a top notch defensive player who could step in and help the Colts right away. Pat Angerer out of Iowa is a good linebacker as well. Most of the players the Colts took were on the defensive side of the ball. It seems every year the Colts lose players to injuries on that side of the ball. The Colts will be in contention as well this year. They need to keep people healthy though as that continues to be a problem on the defensive side of the ball. As long as they have Peyton Manning they will always be in contention. Look for the Colts to make another Super Bowl run, but this year it will be much tougher.

Did the Big Ten Offer Or Didn't They?

The million dollar question is did the Big Ten ask other teams to join their conference or was it a smoke screen. Big Ten officials say the rumors are just not true. The rumor mill has been cranked up for the last few years on how the Big Ten wanted to expand the conference, but nothing concrete has come out until recently. Names such as Notre Dame, Nebraska, Missouri, Rutgers, and others have been mentioned as possible additions to the Big Ten. As of right now the Big Ten is denying all this.

Of course the Big Ten will deny any rumors of this type. They do not want to look bad or let anything out of the bag right now. Plus the teams that are in conferences are still under contracts and they will keep quiet until the time is right. Yes, the Big Ten is going to expand. The only thing that hasn't been decided just yet is whom and how many teams. I look for the Big Ten to add between two or three teams before it is all said and done. Who those teams maybe is still up in the air.

After The Draft Thoughts: Cleveland Browns Addressing Their Needs

In this installment of After The Draft Thoughts we are looking at the Cleveland Browns and how they are molding their team through the draft. The Browns had a lot draft picks so let's check out how well they did.

1 7 (7) Joe Haden CB 5-11 190 Florida
2 6 (38) T.J. Ward DB 5-11 201 Oregon
2 27 (59) Montario HardestyRB 6-0 212 Tennessee
3 21 (85) Colt McCoy QB 6-3 210 Texas
3 28 (92) Shawn Lauvao G 6-3 305 Arizona St.
5 29 (160) Larry Asante S 6-1 210 Nebraska
6 8 (177) Carlton Mitchell WR 6-4 212 South Florida
6 17 (186) Clifton Geathers DE 6-8 281 South Carolina

The Cleveland Browns had some holes to fill in the draft and they addressed them pretty well. Joe Haden out of Florida is a cornerback that has the chance to start right away. T.J. Ward out of Oregon was also a very nice pick. Maybe the best pick that the Browns made was getting Colt McCoy out of Texas. He brings so many go things to a team. He will not start right away which is a good idea. Let him learn the game on the bench and when the time is right let him start. All in all the Browns did a nice job with their pics. The Browns also did well in trading and picking up guys before the draft. Cleveland is heading in the right direction and Browns fans have to be happy about that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big Ten Looking To Add More Teams

The Big Ten unofficially have thrown out some invitations to teams to join the Big Ten. Nebraska, Missouri, Notre Dame, Rutgers are just some of the names being tossed around to join the Big Ten. Those are some interesting names and the power of the Big Ten and what they can offer is very inviting to those schools. I do see maybe two of those schools jumping at the chance to join the Big Ten.

For Rutgers it would make perfect sense for them. They would get more revenue and a chance to draw from a wider base than they already do. Missouri is another school that may join also. The added revenue can help this school who could use the money as their sports team do not earn as much as other schools in the Big 12 does. Notre Dame joining would shock me as I just do not see why they would join. They have their own television contract and do not have to share any of their revenue. Notre Dame makes plenty of money on their own and just do not see them joining.

As for Nebraska it really makes no sense at all for them. Could they get more money that's a possibility, but I just do not see Nebraska leaving the Big 12 at least not right now. I look for Rutgers and Missouri to jump at the chance and you never know what other teams may have got offers as well. The Big Ten is getting better that will happen just a matter of how many teams it seems.

Friday, April 30, 2010

What NFL Rookie Quarterback Will Have Biggest Impact This Season

With mini-camps started everyone feels they can make an instant impact in the upcoming season. Many different teams are hoping the quarterback they drafted will solve their problems. Who will make the greatest impact in the upcoming NFL season.

Sam Bradford: The St. Louis Rams drafted him No.1, but his first year could be a very tough one. Bradford does not have the talent around him that he needs to succeed. It will take time for him to get use to the pro game and until the Rams get him some help it could be a long haul for him. No big impact this year for him.

Tim Tebow: Many people are still scratching their heads at the Broncos picking him 25th and I am one of them. With have Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn already in the fold this pick seemed odd. I guess they seen something him Tebow that no one else did. Impact this year will not be a lot.

Colt McCoy: Colt was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and they have come out and said he will not be playing this year. This means no impact for McCoy just learning for him in his first years as an pro.

Jimmy Clausen: This is the one quarterback that can have an instant impact for a few reasons. First he has a shot at winning the job which many times is tough for a rookie. Secondly, the Carolina Panthers have a good running game and receivers that will make life easier on him. Clausen has a chance to make an instant impact.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Florida Beats Cincinnati In Sugar Bowl

Tim Tebow threw for a career-high 482 yards and three touchdowns, ran for 51 yards and another score, and fifth-ranked Florida overwhelmed No. 4 Cincinnati 51-24 Friday night in the Sugar Bowl. You had to know it was going to be very tough on Cincinnati to compete in this game. Urban Meyer taking some time off and Tim Tebow's last game Florida did not want to let either one down and they did not.

Cincinnati gave a good effort, but when you lose your coach before a bowl game that makes it real tough. Playing Florida so close to their home is never easy, but The Bearcats had a very good season and should be proud of what they accomplished.