Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amos Tamam Blazing His Own Path

When you heard the name Amos Tamam you may be surprised how this electrical engineer from Israel has changed the way we do things. Arriving in the United States in the early 1980's all he was looking for was an opportunity and once he got it he has not slowed down since. Starting out by servicing taxicabs in a fleet garage in New York City some 30 years later Amos Tamam is now the CEO of Verifone Corporation. The Verifone Corporation is a industry leader in providing technology to let taxicabs accept credit cards.

Giving the taxicab the ability to except credit cards has really changed the industry and made it much safer for cab drivers who now do not have to carry as much cash. Amos Tamam innovations can be felt everywhere in the Taxi industry from being able to accept credit cards to the taxi meter. He continues to work on innovations for the industry and do not be surprised if the next taxi you take has some of his innovations.

NFL Scores Week 3

Sunday, September 27th

Washington 14 Final
Detroit 19

Green Bay 36 Final
St. Louis 17

San Francisco 24 Final
Minnesota 27

Atlanta 10 Final
New England 26

Tennessee 17 Final
NY Jets 24

Kansas City 14 Final
Philadelphia 34

NY Giants 24 Final
Tampa Bay 0

Cleveland 3 Final
Baltimore 34

Jacksonville 31 Final
Houston 24

Chicago 25 Final
Seattle 19

New Orleans 27 Final
Buffalo 7

Pittsburgh 20 Final
Cincinnati 23

Denver 23 Final
Oakland 3

Miami 13 Final
San Diego 23

Indianapolis 31 Final
Arizona 10

Dallas 21
Carolina 7