Friday, April 30, 2010

What NFL Rookie Quarterback Will Have Biggest Impact This Season

With mini-camps started everyone feels they can make an instant impact in the upcoming season. Many different teams are hoping the quarterback they drafted will solve their problems. Who will make the greatest impact in the upcoming NFL season.

Sam Bradford: The St. Louis Rams drafted him No.1, but his first year could be a very tough one. Bradford does not have the talent around him that he needs to succeed. It will take time for him to get use to the pro game and until the Rams get him some help it could be a long haul for him. No big impact this year for him.

Tim Tebow: Many people are still scratching their heads at the Broncos picking him 25th and I am one of them. With have Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn already in the fold this pick seemed odd. I guess they seen something him Tebow that no one else did. Impact this year will not be a lot.

Colt McCoy: Colt was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and they have come out and said he will not be playing this year. This means no impact for McCoy just learning for him in his first years as an pro.

Jimmy Clausen: This is the one quarterback that can have an instant impact for a few reasons. First he has a shot at winning the job which many times is tough for a rookie. Secondly, the Carolina Panthers have a good running game and receivers that will make life easier on him. Clausen has a chance to make an instant impact.