Friday, November 14, 2008

Texas Tech vs Oklahoma

Texas Tech Red Raiders will battle the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman tomorrow with a lot of the line. Texas Tech wants to win out as they know if they do they most likely will be playing in the National Championship game against someone. Now the Oklahoma Sooners know that they must win the game if they want a chance to play for a National Championship. It maybe a long shot, but they do not want to lose at home and kill their chances.

This will be a high scoring game as both teams should put a lot of points on the board. I personally like the Sooners in this game. I just do not think that Texas Tech will be able to win this game on the road. It is tough to win in Norman and I just do not see them beating the Sooners there.

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Miami Hurricans Getting It Together Finally

The Miami Hurricanes started out slowly, but they have really put it into high gear as they stopped Virginia Tech by a score of 16-14. They now lead the ACC Coastal Division and are still looking at making the Orange Bowl for their Bowl Game. The Hurricanes are going to be around for awhile because they have a ton of young talent and Randy Shannon is a very good recruiter that keeps bringing in even more talent.

For the longest time the Hurricanes were the team to beat now they are chasing everyone else and they are getting much better. they are not their just yet, but they are slowing getting there. Shannon has built accountability in the program and I think that has had a lot to do with it.