Friday, January 16, 2009

Hector Kabande Focusing On Family First

Hector Kabande was raised in a household where family values, great food, and great hospiality was what he was taught. Mr. Kabande came to the United States and studied Hotel management when he returned he started to work in the restaurant industry before joining the family hotel business. Hector Kabande developed a love for food during his time in the restaurant and hotel business and still has a passion for it today.

Hector has many favorite recepies that you will be able to find on his blog. Hector Kabande still has the same passion for things just like his family did when he was growing up. You can check out his blog and some of Hector's recipe's at Hector's Receipes.

Braden Power Believe's in Communities

The one thing that Braden Power believes in more than anything is the community atmosphere. His constructing business is more than just putting up buildings it is also about giving communities a chance to grow and prosper which means a lot to Braden Power.

In today's world of corporations not caring much about the community anymore it is nice to see people who want to do the right things and make the community system grow by constructing buildings that have the residents in mind. This shows the power of what people can do if they put their minds to things. Braden Power has a vision and he is putting his vision to work for the good of people and the communities they live in.

Plenty of Underclassmen Leave, But Some Coming Back

It is good to see some underclassmen are deciding to stay in college and finish their degrees and enjoying the college life their senior season. Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, and now Sam Bradford have all decided that they will be back for their seniors season to try and win a National Championship. This year so many underclassmen have opted for the NFL it is great to see some who actually want to come back and play.

There are many reasons players choose to leave early, but the reality is many do not make it and maybe another year under their belt would have helped them. You really never know, but i am glad three of college football's better players have decided to come back for another year.

Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor Getting the Job Done

Most people will tell you when you deal with city budgets and people sometimes it is hard to balance both of them, but not for Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor. He has been in and out of city government holding several jobs and each time he has shown the leadership that is needed to make sure everything gets done. His background in investment banking and government service shows you he finishes what he starts with precision and a desire to be the best he can be.

Today, Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor keeps busy as the Executive Vice-President and CEO of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Through the years Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor has served in many different capacities and continues to show he is a leader that gets the job done no matter what is laid in front of him.