Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pryor Leaves School As More Comes Out About What Benefits He Got As A Buckeye

Terrelle Pryor through his attorney has decided to forgo his senior season which was going to be cut short anyways. I do not think that Pryor was going to play a down this season after the investigation by the NCAA was done.

Pryor's statement through his lawyer read “In the best interests of my teammates, I’ve made the decision to forgo my senior year of football at The Ohio State University,” Pryor said in a statement issued by Columbus lawyer Larry James. Pryor will probably enter the NFL supplemental draft.

Pryor had already been suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season for accepting improper benefits from a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner. The NCAA is looking into all aspects of Ohio State’s once-glittering program, from cash and tattoos to players, cars and other potential violations. A former friend on ESPN's outside the lines talks about the benefits Pryor got for signing things for locals in Columbus. This story is long from over it seems.

Pryor leaving is probably the best thing for him and Ohio State. This way the school can move on from this horrible situation that has engulfed the football program. Pryor came in hoping to bring the Buckeyes a National Championship, but in the end he brought them nothing but shame.

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